Founder & CEO Ryan Tuttle


Ryan Tuttle:

SGT Ryan Tuttle (retired)

Tuttle spent served honorably in the Oregon Army Nation Guard as an 11Bravo Infantryman, 240B Gunner, Weapon Squad Leader and Headquarters Reconnaissance Scout.

During his 8 years of Military serving his country in 2003 Tuttle was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom II. During that Deployment SGT Tuttle and his unit were selected as the 1st Cavalry Division’s “Quick Reaction Force”, a mission that is normally reserved for special operations units.

Tuttle and his QRF Unit were activated over 400 times, including 30 Air Assault missions during this deployment, and were directly involved in combat operations in the cities and areas of Taji, Fallujah, Najaf, Tramiyah, Sadr City and Bagdad Iraq. Do to their steadfast and professional reputation their Unit was selected to guard the Al Rasheed Hotel housing VIP Delegates during the first ever Iraqi elections.

For this Deployment SGT Tuttle was awarded:

An Army Accommodation Metal for Valor for Combat Actions in the Battle of Najaf and Tuttle’s 14 Confirmed Enemy Kills. The 1st Regimental Combat Team of the 1st Marine Division also awarded Tuttle their Unit Combat Patch for his Units combat support in the Battle of Najaf.

A Presidential Unit Citation for providing Combat support to the 1st Regimental Combat Team of the 1st Marine Division in Battle of Fallujah, 2004.

An Army Accommodation Metal for professionalism during actions to rebuilding of Iraq.

Other Military Highlights:

SGT Tuttle also aided in security operations during the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

As a Weapons Squad Leader, Tuttle participated in Scout training operations in (nationally) Oregon, Idaho, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, (Internationally) Kuwait, Mongolia and Japan.


Civilian Certifications:

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor # 183223496

NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Range Safety Officer

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Certified Instructor # i102781

Threat Dynamics Master Level Instructor- Basic Pistol, Home Defense, Tactical Defensive Shooting & OR, UT & AZ CHL Instructor