Active Shooter Training


Training makes the difference

No one wants to think about a day where they may have to fight for their lives against a psychopathic killer, especially in a place where they work, worship, or go to school. However, the simple fact is that such threats do exist. The question is, are you willing to get past the discomfort of the conversation needed to get you and your organization the proper training to prevent, prepare and protect against this type of deadly encounter?

This comprehensive training exercise combines our team’s many years of professional expertise on this matter. We conduct this training in a way that will leave your staff members feeling very confident about their ability to detect and ultimately stop or prevent an attack on your facilities.

This training is normally conducted after and on the same day as our Overcoming Violence Training.

Depending on your organization’s expectations and goals, we will customize our training approach and even the tools we use. Typically we set up a scenario using live actors using fake firearms, weapons or devices. We do not have to use these tools, but we do emphasize the effectiveness of the realism these tools provide to the training value. We typically collaborate with local law enforcement and other first responders for these exercises and at a minimum, we will inform the local authorities that this kind of training will be conducted at your facility.

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