Our Team

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Ryan Tuttle

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Threat Dynamics, the Pacific Northwest’s leader in innovation & technology for realistic and effective defensive firearms training.  As an industry leader in technical optimization and customization of individual weapons, Ryan is also the founder and CEO of Tactical Guardian, the innovative, state-of-the-art, metal refinishing service and certified Cerakote Applicator.

During Ryan’s active duty military service, he was recognized by the U.S. Army’s storied 1st Cavalry Division and the U.S. Marines’ 1st Division for his professionalism and leadership in over 400 combat missions, including 30 Air Assault operations.  As an infantry squad leader, Ryan received multiple decorations for his personal valor in combat, leading a Quick Reaction Force in battles throughout Iraq.

Following his full-time combat assignments, Ryan led teams providing diplomatic protective services  in the historical first Iraqi elections.

In stateside deployments, Ryan led physical security operations supporting Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.  As an accomplished instructor of military scout units throughout the U.S. and internationally, Ryan trained and served in numerous and diverse cultures and allied military units around the world, from Mongolia to Japan, to Kuwait.  Throughout active duty and National Guard units across the United States, Ryan is respected for his superior skills as a tactical trainer and close combat advisor.

Ryan is certified as a Threat Dynamics Master Level Instructor in tactical, defensive shooting.  He is a certified National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor and Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.  He is also licensed  as a Concealed Firearm Instructor through Arizona and Utah State Public Safety Departments.

Director of Consulting Services

Director of Consulting Services

Kevin L. Cooley

An accomplished, senior-level consultant in physical security management, workplace violence prevention, and risk mitigation, Kevin brings an extensive background to his role in directing the Threat Dynamics Consulting team.  As a former manager of corporate investigations and protective services at Fortune 500 technology firms, Kevin is a seasoned leader and advisor of industry leaders in best practices for securing and protecting workplace environments and human assets.

Kevin is recognized as a business manager providing successful physical security support and protection against an unlimited variety of real-world threats. Leading disaster recovery and business continuity operations at major manufacturing facilities, Kevin has acquired hands-on mastery of emergency management methods and resources.  A founder of partnerships and liaison activities between private industry and the law enforcement community, Kevin has developed relationships bringing federal, state, and local agencies into close collaboration with private sector management.

Kevin’s military experience included his role as a Warsaw Pact small arms instructor and armorer for the G-2 of the famed 101st Airborne Division, then worldwide intelligence collection assignments, including with the 5th Special Forces Group and the 66th Military Intelligence Group.  Kevin also served as an instructor at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center.

A graduate of San José State University, the Defense Language Institute, and various intelligence and investigative schools, Kevin is certified by the National Rifle Association in multiple instructor disciplines and is a Concealed Firearms Instructor licensed by the State of Utah Public Safety Commission.