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The Critical Incident Evaluation or (C.I.E.) is an in-depth readiness evaluation of your organization’s ability to handle a Critical Incident such as an Active Shooter, workplace violence, burglary, cyber threats, natural disaster, and fire. Survivability in these types of situations will always be increased with an honest readiness assessment, great comprehensive training, and the proper tools.


With our many years of specialized experience, our team is uniquely qualified to evaluate, report, and provide critical consultation to your organization. We will establish a rapport that enables us to communicate with your staff in a comfortable way that will instill comfort and confidence to your entire organization.  Read our team Bios here

The actual, practical value of all the findings in your C.I.E. will merely amount to, “good to know!” unless of course, you take action to make critical and necessary changes.  After your C.I.E., one of our Security Consultants will sit down with your Management and Security leaderships to review the C.I.E. results and give our in-depth analysis and recommendations. 

The C.I.E typically can be completed in one 8-hour day. Please schedule 4 hours for the inspection and 3 to 4 hours for the overview meeting.

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