overcoming Violence

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Violence in the workplace is something that no one wants to think about or consider. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites that every year, 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence, and many more incidents go unreported.

Workplace violence is uncomfortable to think about for both employees and employers. However, the estimated cost of workplace violence for U.S. businesses alone is at $36 billion a year due to absenteeism and the negative impact on productivity. Employees are often not sure of what to do in the situation of workplace violence or even what legally constitutes workplace violence. Here are four things that employers should know about workplace violence to prepare both themselves and their team members should a situation arise.

This training lecture is designed for department leads, and or general staff to educate them on topics like:

  • Warning signs of violence awareness

  • “Active Shooter” or “Mass Casualty Attacker” response

  • Use of Force, & Related policies review

  • Law Enforcement response

  • Personal Protection policies and techniques

    Sometimes it is helpful in an organization to have an expert third party convey new policies such as these due to the nature and sensitivities around them. We can help with this. Our professional staff understands this is a sensitive subject and that there are many institutional dynamics, cultural considerations, and even personalities of which we must be sensitive and respectful.

    We offer numerous other options to get your organization equipped physically and mentally, to help prevent and if necessary, react to a critical incident.

    This course is typically combined with the following courses:

  • Security Team Training

  • Active Shooter Training Exercise

  • Mass Casualty Emergency Trauma Training

  • Critical Incident Response Training

  • Concealed Carry Course for OR, UT, and AZ permits

The lecture typically takes 3 hours before questions.

50 person maximum please.

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