are Your first responders really ready?

if you’re not testing, you’re hoping!

Threat Dynamics believes strongly that our security officers are an extremely important line of defense in keeping our workplaces, communities, public places and neighborhoods safe. In many cases our security professionals are the TRUE first responders to a critical incident. This clearly demands that demands that they receive the very best training accessible. We also believe that many state agencies have created a great minimum base of standards, but we feel that our security officers and communities deserve more than the minimum!  

On-site Security Training

Our on-site Security Training course is designed to confirm the readiness of your security personnel, whether they are licensed Armed or Unarmed officers, or even if they are just designated response team members. We also want to evaluate their understanding of your organization,s current protocols and policies. We will, accordingly, make recommendations directly to management regarding any opportunities for improvement.

Each training course is customized to meet each organization’s specific needs, however, the course generally consists of:

  • A thorough walk through the facility pointing out opportunities for improvement determined by the Critical Incident Evaluation.

  • Active Shooter Reaction Procedures

  • Use of Force lecture on:

    • Aggressor De-escalation techniques.

    • The legal rights for self-defense.

    • Take-down techniques.

    • Less-than-lethal options

    • The roles of the Security Team

    • General security best practices

    • Communication with Law Enforcement

  • Review of all current and new S.O.P.s determined by Management.

  • Evacuation procedures

    • Staging areas (defined)

  • Critical Incident Practical Exercise
    (Use-of-Force Simulators are available at an additional fee)

  • Ongoing training recommendations

At the Threat Dynamics, Sherwood Oregon facility

Our premium firearms training center in Sherwood, Oregon is uniquely equipped with two Use-of-Force simulators, including a 300-degree, immersive theater. Trainees will gain experience in solving real-world situations that cannot be duplicated in a classroom.  We believe this is essential to enhance in-field performance,as it benefits the individual security officer, the employer, and the client or community being served.

Our facility features a state-of-the-art, 22-yard, indoor, live-fire shooting range and a 50-person classroom. This makes Threat Dynamics uniquely positioned to conduct our security training all in one location, to maximize the effectiveness of our training, and minimize travel time.

Aside from our premium training facility, our instructors are truly what makes the difference, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds including: law enforcement, armed & unarmed security, DPSST instructors, NRA instructors and many branches of the military. Needless to say, the Threat Dynamics program is designed to produce new professionals who are among the top of the security industry.    

In addition, we keenly focus on customization to fit our clients’ individual security training needs whenever possible. If you have specific procedures or curriculum you would like us to consider, we would be open to reviewing your thoughts.

Each student will receive an evaluation report and made available to the trainee’s supervisor.

Please note: All training records are kept confidential to the Threat Dynamics, LLC instructors, the security officers and their employer, unless subpoenaed by a judge or court of law.