This is an introductory class designed to teach students the necessary skills to evaluate a traumatic situation and confidently take immediate action to save lives.  No matter if you are at a construction site, driving down the highway, or picking your kids up from school, a potentially life-threatening situation could be just around the corner. The knowledge you will gain in this class can save a life at any time.

This class is offered as a partnership between Threat Dynamics Consulting and a third party vendor. Depending on your location, organizational needs and budget we typically contract with local paramedics and trauma experts.


  • History of Trauma Care

  • Wound ballistics

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • First Aid

  • Hemorrhage Control

  • Tourniquets and improvised Tourniquets

  • Hypothermia Prevention

  • Evacuation

  • Regional EMS Systems

  • How to build your Kit

per 4-hour session (20 person Limit)