INTRO TO shotguns

Our Introduction to Shotguns is a great way to begin your formal education on the shotgun platform. This class is great for the beginner shooter or for shooters that simply want more formal training or familiarization. Whether you would like to hunt, prepare for defensive shooting, or simply become more familiar with the ever-popular shotgun, this is the class for you. Students wishing to bring in shotguns other than the standard pump action may do so, but please understand that we will only be covering the standard pump and Semi- automatic shotgun action platform. However, there are many parallels of this system that relate to other platforms like the double barrel and Bullpup designs. All specific questions for other platforms will need to be diverted to a private instruction.


  • Firearms safety and range safety fundamentals
  • History of the Shotgun platform
  • Functions, parts, and common terminology
  • Ammunition types and calibers
  • Loading and clearing procedures
  • Ballistics and capabilities
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • How to prepare to shoot on the Live Fire Range


  • Demonstration of proper range safety rules
  • Sight in optics/iron sights
  • Practice live fire loading and clearing procedures
  • Practice basic marksmanship fundamentals at 7, 10 & 15 yards


  • Shotgun - Must be in a case to enter the facility. Rentals are available at no extra charge.
  • 50 rounds of ammunition purchased at check-in. We do not allow outside ammo on our range or for this class.
  • An empty cup ready to learn.


DAN WOODS-RHYS  NRA#101000189430029



Classes are available on both Weekdays and Saturdays evenings. Click the SCHEDULE NOW BUTTON below to check upcoming dates.