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3 DAY DPSST Security Training

24 hour classroom training required, courses administered by a certified Private Security Firearms Instructor (Ex: Tigard Police Officer Chris Fender). Our Armed Security Training also includes scenario based Judgmental Use of Force training on the Threat Dynamics State-of-the-Art Simulators.

Threat Dynamics Armed Security Officer Training lessons in addition to the DPSST required Shooting qualifications includes:

-      DPSST Life Fire Qualification (Enhanced)

-      Use of Force Statute Familiarization

-      Deployment of Legal Use of Deadly Force - including Avoidance Techniques

Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting, i.e. Holster draw techniques, Grip, Stance, Target Acquisition, Trigger discipline, Backstop awareness, Verbal Commands, Movement drills, After Action Procedures, etc...   

-      Active Shooter Response

-      Command Presence & Verbal Warning Commuination training

-      Illumination Techniques

-      Critical Incident Survival Techniques

-      Shooting Defensively from multiple platforms

-      Reloading and Malfunction drill training

-      First Responder First Aid Fundamentals

-      Threat De-escalation techniques

-      Arrest Authority and Control Training

-      Less than Lethal Continuum Training

-      911 contact procedures

-      Situational Threat Awareness training

-      Personal Integrity and Moral Fitness awareness training in the Security field

You will need to provide the following equipment:

A duty ready handgun (Rentals are available by arrangement)
Your duty gear  
150 rounds of practice ammunition (available on location or bring your own)
Hearing and eye protection (available for rent)

3 Day Course (8 hours each day w/30 minute lunches and two 15 minute breaks)


Earlier Event: February 17