Shooting Range FAQs

1) Q: Do you need to make a RESERVATION to use the Live Fire Shooting Range?

A: The range is first come first served, we do NOT allow reservations.

2) Q: Do you allow outside ammo on your range?

A: We do, however we charge a $5 outside ammo inspection fee. This is a flat fee regardless of how many bullets or different calibers. You can avoid that fee and buy your ammo directly from us, we have plenty in stock. See restrictions >HERE<

3) Q: Do you need to be a MEMBER to use the Live Fire Shooting Range?

 A: You do NOT need to be a member to use the shooting range. See memberships rates >HERE<

4) Q: What calibers do you allow on the range?

A: Climbers .308 (>7.62x51 NATO) and below, including Shotguns. So any handgun calibers and most rifles are fine. See full rules and rates >HERE<


Live Fire Range Rates: (You do NOT need to be a member to use the range) See all rules and rates >HERE<

$25 to rent a lane (unlimited time) $10 per each additional guest, max 4 people per lane.

$5 outside ammo inspection fee.

Private instruction: $75 for one hour, $100 for two or more students per hour (Max 3 students at one time per instructor).    

5) Q: Do have rental guns?

A: Yes we have a wide verity and you can see the current list on the web site >HERE<

To rent a firearm you must meet at least ONE of these three requirements:
1) Bring in another firearm with you (any firearm)
2) Bring in another person with you to shoot with (any person)
3) If you can’t meet options 1 or 2 then you would need to pay for a private instruction with one of our Instructors. $75 for one hour or $50 for half hour (one person) 


Simulators FAQs: (Appointments required)


I.T.S. Package COST: $50.00 PER PERSON  1 - 4 PERSONS

ALSO AVAILABLE IN GROUP RATES                                                                                                    


5-8     PEOPLE $40.00 PER PERSON                                                                                                        

9-14   PEOPLE $35.00 PER PERSON                                                                                                        

15+    PEOPLE $25.00 PER PERSON

1) Q: How do the Simulators work? Watch a video >HERE<

A: Our Simulators use real Glock pistols that have Co2 system in them that give them the recoil of a real gun and then the gun shoots an IR laser onto the simulator screen and that how the system knows where you shot. The demo video on the website does a really good job to SHOW you how they work and ways to use them.