Plan, Prevent, Prepare, & Protect

Threat Dynamics has built our reputation on being the Experts in all aspects of judgmental Use of Force. Since our inception in 2009, we have trained all types, including Citizens, Law Enforcement & Military to make these critical decisions under stress to mitigate liability, give peace of mind and save lives.


Professional Training & Consulting

Threat Dynamics is now meeting the high call to expand their our expertise outside of their our training facility in Sherwood, Oregon to better prepare Individuals, Companies, and Places of Worship for the real-life threats that are ever- growing in today’s society, community gatherings, and work places.

We have formed a team that combines our over 10 years 30 years of a high-tech training approach with experts in the Corporate Security field to give your organization every possible advantage to handle a Critical Incident.

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The Threat Dynamics Team

Depending on your company  or organizational budget and needs we will assemble
the appropriate Threat Dynamics assessment team to meet your security training goals.

Our training teams come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Law Enforcement S.W.A.T.

  • Fortune 500 Corporate Investigations Leadership 

  • Military Special Operations

  • Cyber Security Experts

  • Security Surveillance Experts

  • DPSST (Department of Public Safety, Standards and Testing & Training)

What can we do for your organization?


Management Training on:

  • How to prepare for a potentially high-risk encounter encounter

  • Establish best practices for prevention of escalation to violence

  • Reaction / Security team creation and training

  • Set up internal reporting protocols

  • Casualty Mitigation

  • Staff personal protection gear guidelines

  • HR Security Protocols

  • Ongoing training programs


Staff Training:

Both in person and online courses on topics like:

  • Early warnings signs and defensive measures

  • Anonymous reporting

  • Knowing the Law about Self- Defense

  • Using force in a crowded environment

  • What to do during and after a violent situation

  • Mass casualty trauma response


Onsite Consultation to identify:

  • Strategic safe locations or areas of vulnerability

  • Establish security checklists

  • Set up training programs for Reaction/ Security Personal

  • Identify Cyber Security vulnerability


Cyber Security Assessments and Reporting on:

  • PCI Compliance

  • Data Breach Liability

  • Network Assessment (Site Interview)

  • Shared Permissions

  • External Network Vulnerabilities

  • Security Management Plan

  • In-depth Risk reports


Mass Casualty Emergency Trauma Training

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • First Aid

  • Hemorrhage Control

  • Tourniquets and improvised Tourniquets

  • Hypothermia Prevention

  • Evacuation

  • Regional EMS Systems

  • How to build your Kit