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You want safety and security for your family. You'd do anything to protect them. But, did you know that you're still vulnerable to criminal charges and financial ruin - even if you did everything right? Your USCCA membership arms you with the education, training, and self-defense insurance you need to protect your family with confidence. Because, after all, doing the right thing shouldn't cost you everything...


You want to protect your family and the people around you, but are you ready for what happens after you pull the trigger? You don't have to be alone. USCCA will be there with you every step of the way.


Education, training and self-defense insurance for responsible gun owners

"You've got to be prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere... I felt I was able to do the right thing and be protected as a law-abiding citizen... You should be able to defend yourself and not have to worry about going to jail."
David Jackson, South Carolina
Shot Armed Robber Who Threatened The Lives Of Innocent Barbershop Patrons And His Frightened Children