Staff Member Maddy ReesE



ABOUT Maddy Reese:

Maddy is a Customer Service Specialist for Threat Dynamics. 
When she was 7 her father began training her how to shoot. "He first let me shoot his .22 Winchester bolt action rifle and I’ve been a gun enthusiast ever since." says Maddy.
As a 4th generation Oregonian, Maddy grew up hunting and shooting on the coast, Trask Mountain and Murderers Creek areas with her father and brother. Recreationally she enjoys going out into the woods with her friends and family to do some plinking. Her gun of choice these days is the newest addition to her collection: A P30s by Heckler & Koch.

She has been working for Threat Dynamics since February of 2017 and is in training to be a certified instructor specializing in the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting for Women, and Youth Safety courses.