Instructor Dan Woods



Dan and I has been professionally shooting 15 years. It is a lifelong passion of his and part of his personal mantra to teach what he has learned in order to both improve himself and his students.

Dan served in the army as part of 2nd battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment. During his time he became qualified and skilled with all types of modern firearms. He is an NRA certified pistol and Home Defense Instructor and he currently teaches the Basic Introduction to Handguns course, the Live Fire: Intermediate Handgun Course and he runs all of the Spartan Events.

"I enjoy teaching skills with all types of Firearms but if I had to pick I would say I enjoy Teaching Defensive Pistol skills and Close quarters Rifle/ Shotgun skills the best. My training mindset is that I am here to help you out regardless of the skill level you are at right now, I enjoy teaching any and all types of shooters and will tailor my training curriculum to you! Come see me and I will talk about my Defensive shooting instruction and see what fits you the best. Come see me and I will talk about my defensive shooting course and see what fits you best!"  -Dan Woods